Newsa Pack Why Choose Us?
Newsa Pack is the preferred distributer for one of the largest manufactures of expanded polystyrene packaging and P.V.C stretch film in South Africa. The company supplies the packaging to the agricultural sector that supply packaged fruit and vegetables to the major retail supermarket chains.
The company is the chosen distributer of moulded fibre packaging for one of the world’s largest packaging companies known as global players with extensible expertise in paper, plastic, film and moulded fibre packaging.

Fruit exporters use moulded fibre trays to protect the fruit whilst in transit to export markets.

Newsa Pack also specialise in the distribution of plastic covers, pallet wrap, strapping and accessories to the industrial sector.
Distributors of plasticcovers, pallet wrap, strapping and accessories to the industrial sector.
We are a trusted distributor of printed and unprinted corrugated cartons for the industrial and agricultural sectors.

Since 1994, the company has developed a reputation of outstanding service and through experience can react quicker than its competitors. Service has always been the ingredient to the company’s success. The company can deliver anytime and is not restricted by processes and procedures and is very flexible.